Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Antics

I helped mum make some ANZAC biscuits.. woohoo!!!

Eating the golden syrup off the spoon was the best


Out for an evening stroll!!!!

Talking to the trees. I am really bad as I think that the olives are grapes (or peas) and I try to eat them. Dad always tells me "They are not grapes" or "They are not peas" so when I walk past I always say "Not grapes", "Not peas" (but I still try and grab and eat them though!!!)

Mummy reading me a story the other night

Potty training didn't go to well.. Mum went cold turkey on me for 5 days but i just havent' clicked yet to tell her BEFORE I need to go. i was good at sitting on the potty for a while and reading a story etc, but i would never go and as soon as I stood up and walked a couple of paces... i would wee!!!! haha.. Mum will try again soon..


Likeness - I think not

A caractuire of Maia.. hahaha

Sunday, August 19, 2007

August Antics

I just love playing with my Lego animals

& sitting on my pretty pink stools.. they are the same colour as my top!!!

Having a tea party with my buddy Chelsea

Corn is GREAT!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Girl Bed

I am finally in a big girl bed!!!

Swimming Lesson

I am getting really good at swimming now, we get in the pool everyday and I dive in to Daddy and we do a cool lesson of me going under (I love that part and always say "1,2,3 Under Daddy??') and at the end I get to swim to the steps and find my own way up.. sometimes that one is a bit hard. I am good at hanging onto the side and eeking my way along too.. it's cool
Ready to dive in
Ok.. You caught me, i always sit down before I dive so sometimes it ends up just being a 'fall' in


Friday, August 10, 2007

More Yabber....

Ckick on link

More Nattering

Maia is just being a crack up lately.. she had just sat there and gone, "This is 1, this is 2, this is 3" right up to 11.. but I didn't have the camera ready!!! Typical

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Starting Early

Maia is becoming such a good helper around the house... firstly bringing in the mail (it was for her anyway!!!)

and also.... washing up!!!!

She had a great time in the sink.
We have been very busy with all our adventures, and are off again to meet some kiwi's who own a winery about 3hrs from us. Will be great to meet some other expats!!! After that, we have a few more people staying in Sept and Oct, but then it will get back to normal!! We think.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


We spent the last week in London and had a great time. The weather wasn't too bad so got out and saw alot. Stayed in Westminster as we did a houseswap with some friends, 10min walk to the London Eye!!!

I was kept pretty entertained on the flight with the DVD player!!!

On the train from Gatwick to London

Typical me!!

Walking with Dad down to Buckingham Palace

Mum & I

Big Ben, Me & Dad

Outside BP

On a statue

Mum and Dad had this thing they strapped to my arm... it started like this...

and usually ended like this!!!!

Had a trip to a small Zoo... this is me peeking up!!

Helping Dad drive the digger

Cool Red tractor

Nan - I was trying to catch this Rooster for you but had no luck!!!

Patting the Goat..

It was a long walk, so Mum & Dad decided to get a taxi home. The taxi's in London at great and I could just be wheeled straight in...

Me next to a peice of the Berlin Wall at the War Museum

Feeding the Squirels at St James Park

Stink - Just about made my getaway!!!

We took a river cruise to Greenwich.. Me on the boat!. I was a bit of a mission as I just wanted to run around!!!

Trying to work out the map.

It's a hard life

Still asleep!!

There is a great HUGE park there so once I woke up I had heaps of room to run around.

Family Pic

I made everyone laugh on the way home as I got a big tired so I grabbed my snuggie and went and lay in the middle of the floor of the boat!!!

This was where we stayed .. I thought it was cool to have a NZ flag there. (I had my Teddy in Time out, I was telling him "Look at me"!!!)

On the balcony.

I got to meet some UK Rickett rellies... they were really nice and brought me a Teddy Bear that I now take EVERYWHERE!!! I get very very upset when I can't find him.

Feeding the birds in the park - Come on.. Take it!!!

I will MAKE you eat this!!!

I give up!! (She had just dropped it)

Me by the NZ memorial by Hyde park.
Mum and Dad weighed me while I was over there and I am now 13.2kg!!!!!!