Monday, March 30, 2009


My new favourite activity!!! a shower-bath!!!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Gotta love brushing your own teeth!!!

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All ready for a party..........

Home after the party - just poooooped!!!!
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Garden Helper

It was freezing outside yesterday... but I just had to go out and help dad do some lawn weeding!!!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Real BIG Girl

Maia is now an official BIG Girl and is no longer in a night nappy.... She has been great about it and LOVES wearing knickers to bed and we had a couple of accidents in the first few nights, but for a good week and a half she is dry!!!! 3 months of a nappy free house!!!!!

Preparing for baby....

Mum at about 6.5months months (was taken a couple of week ago)

 Here I am preparing for my new role... Mum has had to hide all my old things like this rocker etc as I am into everything!!!

My first big 'boo-boo' from falling down the stairs at school!!!
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Swings are up

The weather has just been fantastic lately, so our swings are back up!!!

Having snugs with Dad

Right, enough of that!!

Check out my leg.....

la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaaa
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March Madness

Anyone need a nurse?. 

Dinner with Emily. We are just a crack up together now, (took us a good 3 or so months to 'like' each other) but now we are best buds and ask to see/play with each other at least 5x a day. We both have GREAT dress up's, and I think the most we have been able to change in one playdate is about 50 times.   Here Emily is in MY Sleeping Beauty dress and I am in her Pumpkin dress!!! 

Washing the flat rocks we stole from Nice... Mummy and I have painted them heaps of cool colours and put funny faces on them. 

Daddy found this tent at a sale... We are going to go camping this summer. 
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Vineyard Helper

I woke up one morning to our landlord and his parents here so I just had to get out in the Vineyard and help!!!!! Didn't even want to get out of my PJ's!!!


Finally Mum managed to get me changed!! but I was straight back out there... 
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Aussie Friend Fun

I had a really cool morning with my buddies Ollie and Amelie at a park. 

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Run, Jump and Play!!!

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Exercise in Nice

Dad making me RUN!!!!!

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DAY 4 - St Paul de Vence

The rain started to hit on the 4th day, but we had planned to go to this village called St Paul de Vence so we went anyway. It was a beautiful place, alot like Eze. 

One of the streets. Most of them were filled with Art shops (a tad too expensive for us) 

Maia and I

View as you drive up. 

Entrance into the village.. I wonder when they stopped using that cannon?!!!
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