Monday, November 02, 2009

fete de la courge

I had the coolest pony ride at the fete de la courge in Rognes today!!! LOVED IT!!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Me and Lolly

Helping Lola with her new puzzle!!!

With my Nan...

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Taking after mum.....

My wee Black Stick in the making.. (that is the name of the NZ woman's hockey team for those of you who don't know)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 years on......

Life is good now I am 4.....
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun times....

Modelling my new Grey merino hoodie from Sofia... I love it.

It has been raining here for the past week but Dad and I decided to be NUTS and jump in the pool... hahahaha .. I was FREEZING when I got out!!

The last 2 nights I haven't got to sleep until 10.30.. (no reason, just couldn't get to sleep).. and I have decided that Dad's side of the bed is better than mine.. This is how mum and dad found me after going to check on me and seeing I wasn't in my room!!! hahahahaaaa

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pocket money.....

Mum and Dad have decided I am now old enough to earn some pocket money... so I have a list of jobs that I can do to get some money.

Dad asked me to take a bag outside (in the rain.. haha) and pick up all the foam bits that had fallen off my trampoline.

I did a great job.
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Cake at School

I had MORE cake at school...

Here I am waiting for it all to begin... everyone is looking a bit sad... hahaha

My teacher Caroline telling us a story.... Swann (top left) found it hard work listening...

Opening my pressie...

Showing everyone what I got!!!!

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My party day with all my friends...

Waiting for everyone to arrive..


Us ALL on the tramp.... barr one I think... she was the sane one!!!

Me and Kim munching the cake (which was cupcakes)... Mum forgot to put it out and there were only 3 of my friends left by the time we did.. oh well., more for us I suppose.

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Yah.. I have turned 4.....

On the 13th September.. I turned 4...

This is me on the day of my birthday....

All my pressies..

Then we went to the zoo...

Then, came home and I painted a 'Treasure Box' that Dad brought for me...

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Me and my little sis

Here I am just about 4 and Lola.. 12 weeks

Arghhhh... I am NUTS!!!

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More Irish fun!!!

Playing Check-outs with Enya and Moya

Mum reading us all a story...

Playing Mr Potato Heads!!!

The whole tribe!!!

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