Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saint Cannat Park Fun

Considering this park is sooooo close to home, we don't go enough!!!! I had a huge time. 

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School Spring Festival

Last weekend we had my school spring festival... I was pretty tired throughout... but enjoyed it. 

All dressed up

l'arbe de mai... or Maypole as we know it!! 

I got sick of waiting in line and decided to start some overtaking!!!

Dad even got to join in... he was just so excited.. NOT!!!!
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Bubble fun... Swish Style!!!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bronnie came to stay...

Bronnie came to stay so I made sure I got enough books out of her!!!! I wouldn't let her read to me in French though!!! 

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May Madness

Best way to bath!!

A lizard we found

In my new top from Nan.... I think it will still fit me in 30 years....
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Dad's Vespa

Dad has FINALLY got his vespa back up and running on the weekend... so I got to go for a spin. 

Safety first

All ready to go

First lap


I love it and have a HUGE time. I hate it when he stops and makes me get off!!!
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pregnancy Shots

A few black and white pics of Mum at 34 weeks. 


I was really blowing raspberries to see if I would get a kick. 

Looking all Angelic..... (doesn't last long) 

Mum said she will show me this one in a few years when we are fighting to show that I did have some love for her/him once!!!
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Dad has been away a bit over the past 2 weeks, so to make up for it he brought me home this cool jigsaw!!!! Which needed only minimal help from Mummy!!!


I think I was looking for my favourite top here, but decided to just pull everything out!!!
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