Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maia in May

Sorry, I have been a bit slack with the updates... Have been busy busy!!!
Mum went to Monaco with some friends and left Dad at home with me... he invited all his friends (and their kids) and they all stayed the night!!! House was a mess!!! but we had a ball.

Mowing the gravel

Cool dude.

I am going to hate this one at my 21st!!

Mum french braided my hair. It's getting really long now.

Yummo.. Dry Weetbix

Reading "Charlie & Lola" to my Nanie....

Maia's words are coming out thick and fast now.. an Octopus is a "pus a pus" and Sausages are "bosages", She tells us when she needs to do "poos on potty" and "brush my teeth". She can run backwards, go sideways... and for the first time tonight, she climbed up onto her slide thing and slid down all on her own. Check out our other blog for our Corsica pics. www.thejohnsonsinfrance.blogspot.com

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Toys, Toys and More Toys.....

I have been spoilt lately with some new toys!!!!
Here I am in my sand pit.. I could play in here all the time
Dad was going to get me a Rocking horse, but Mum found this for $10 so I got that instead!!!

Love my paddling pool..

My cool Blackboard... It's a white board and a paper holder on the other side.. The options are endless. And incase anyone is wondering.. i did that drawing all on my own!!!

Mum, Can you please move the table.. i can't see the TV!!!

I was really sick last week.. I think it was the Apple from the markets mum fed me.