Tuesday, November 25, 2008

l'ecole fun...

My school held a 'lantern night thing' (too hard to explain what it actually was in English.. so lantern night will do!!!)

Rugged up, ready to go..

Here we all are listening to the story... Not much of it understood!!! hahaha

All ready with my lantern lit and ready to march off...

tucking into some soup and bread..
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Show off

Here I am showing off the cool t-shirt my NZ buddies sent me... It says "My friends met in Auckland and I am stuck here in ..... FRANCE!!! - I love it...

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Fun Park

Fun with Emily in the Frog Car...

Elephant riding....
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Flying Fox Fun

We brought another year pass for the fun park just 5 mins from our house... Here is some flying fox fun!!!

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Ballerina in Training....

I brought Maia a baby ballet DVD and she loves it... so we had to get all the gears!!!!
She is actually quite good and does a good 30minutes of it before she gets bored!!

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