Saturday, August 29, 2009

Irish Invasion....

I am having a HUGE time with my Irish buddies Enya, Moya and Naoise...!!!!

Me and Enya..

Fun with Enya

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Disney!!!

Lilo was cool.. and TALL

Mickey.. STOP!!!!!!!!!

Pluto loved that I was dressed up as Minnie!!!

Alice's chair..

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More Disney...

I was a bit late to the Pooh signing... but dad told me to duck under the rope and go and give him a hug.. so I did!! Dad was too busy laughing to take a picture...

First Tat!!!

I loved the Peter Pan ride!!!

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More Disneyland

This guy was cool...

I loved Goofy...

Donald was a bit busy to sign my pad... but I tried...

I just LOVE Monsters INC so was happy to stand here next to Mike..

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More Disneyland...

Yep, how typical is this face!!!

Me and Dad on a bridge

With Pinnocchio..

Again.. with Dad..

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Dad took me to Disneyland for the week... we had a HUGE time!!!

Me standing outside

Dancing with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the background.

On the Dumbo ride

Me and Dad on Dumbo

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Boat ride

Yet another adventure with dad... out on a boat.

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Tour de France

We have our friends Andy and Wendy staying with us, so we went to one of the tour stages.. I had a GREAT time...


I just LOVE these french music books, they are all French kids songs and come with a CD and I just sit for hours listening and turning the pages....

Feet up..

Say Hi to Doggie..

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Me and My Dad

Since Lola has been born Dad takes me away with him most weekends and we go and do something cool. Here we went into Aix and then to Cassis and had fun.

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New Togs

Mum brought me some new Nemo togs...

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La Torse

Having fun with Georgia and Emily at la torse..

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