Sunday, December 30, 2007

Boxing Day

An old street at Montemarte.. (think that is how you spell it)..

Us at Moulin Rouge

Running around like a nut, then she bit her tongue.. It was pretty funny

Outside the Louvre..
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Xmas Day

After pressie's in the morning, Dad took me down to Notre Dame which was only 5 mins walk from bronnie's house.

Keeping my hands in my pockets is my 'new thing'

Up high...

mmmmmm.. time to go home I think.
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Xmas Eve

We spent Xmas eve up the Effiel tower, how cool is that... actually it was very COOL!!!!!

Me and Mum with tower as a backdrop

I was soooooooo tired after my 5.30am wake up that I fell asleep when Dad was carrying me and here we are at the NZ Embassy... (I am on the couch asleep)

Us at L'arc de Triomphe
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23 Dec

Waiting next to Santa at the AIX TGV station with my new Dora bag

On the train.

With Mum in Paris..

Look at all the people!!!
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Maia's Xmas

Oh.. there it is!!!

Grrrr.. I can't get it outttttttttt!!!

Hey, cool socks..

anything left???
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Playing at the Louvre

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Check out my dancing on the streets of Paris.. (Heaps more pics to come)
I thought I was sooooo cool, but heaps of stupid people kept walking in front of me!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Creche Xmas Party

My creche had it's Christmas Party on Thursday, it was alot of fun.

Here I am watching the puppet show

When the puppet show finished we came out to ALL these pressie's under the tree!!!

Playing with Appoline... she is my best bud in creche...
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St Tropez in Winter

Watching the ice skating with Dad

Get away from us lady!!

Watching the skating with Will
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St Tropez bird chasing

Chasing the birds was cool!!!

I made sure not to kick any of them though.

Will and I chasing..

me again
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More St Tropez

Mum and I

Check out the waves behind us!!!

With Nigel, Will, Mum, me and Tabitha

Can I even see out of my hat??
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kitchen helper (NOT!!)

Ilove helping in the kitchen!!!

I find anything I can to stand on and yell "Mixing Mummy" as loud as I can

I think this stool is pretty cool, and I said to mum today "Going to milk the cow mummy". I got that off "The Wiggles". They have a wee seat like this and milk a cow too....
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Dolls House

Mum and Dad picked this up for me today, it's too big to take up to Paris for Xmas day so I got it a bit early.. I think its pretty cool. Might have to help mum paint it though, its a bit boring.

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