Friday, April 27, 2007

April Update

Hi everyone.. Have had a busy few weeks.. Here are some photo's.

Dad thought he would be funny and get into my tunnel.... I just thought he was silly

Until he tried to get me!!!!

Cute pigtail girl

Me & Will.. trying to escape

Yet again, doing something we shouldn't

Dad put up our new tent so we had a jump on the mattrass.. it was hard work!!!

Just chilling with mum...

On Mum's birthday..... in the swing Dad and I brought her...

Gotta love this!!!

I would sit and watch TV all day if they let me...

Chilling out with my Irish buddy Moya, Well we will be buddies one day, she wasn't too keen on me this time around, but she will get used to me.. Must be a red head thing!! hahaha

Dad caught a bunny so I got a pat

On the Merry-go-round in Aix

With Dad..

Helping Dad eat his hotdog

I found this funny looking dog down at the markets.. the nice lady let me pat it.. Mum had to keep saying "Doucement" which is "Gentle" in French as I was a bit rough.


Fuzzy but cute...

Modelling my wetsuit.. it's a size 4.. French kids must be small..

Monkey Impression

Elephant Impression

Ready to dive in..........

More pool time

The water is just wayyyyyy to cold.. I cried the whole time...

With Dad.. I am happy in the pool.. but only when none of my body is actually touching the water. :-)
On a daily rekkie of the grapes..

Moi, jeu avec nos enfants de voisins (Playing with our neighbours)

This slide was HUGE but so much fun!!!
So many words come out of Maia's mouth now its a crack up..... and alot of them now aren't parroted so she actually will say them of her own accord. She loves tissues and calls them "Nose" and she knows all her body parts (well the easy ones anyway) and recites them off all the time. She is now being very very attached to her toys and insists on karting around 3 or 4 at a time and gets very upset when she can't. We are off to Corsica in 2 weeks so this will be her first time camping and sleeping overnight on a ferry!!!!..... fingers crossed.

Monday, April 09, 2007

More Talk....

We have a talker..... Need to stop encouraging her now!!!!


Check this out.. Maia now finishes the song!!! (please excuse the singing at the start)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

April Already!!!!

Well time has certainly been flying!!!! We have been here 5 months now.

Maia with both her cards from Nan & Pops... When she received the Easter card in the mail I said to her "Thats from Nan & Pops".. Next thing I know - she rushes off over to where her books are kept and grabs out the card that "Nan & Pops" sent her when she broke her arm a few weeks prior!!!

Maia in "helping" Mum in the kitchen!!!! All I hear is "Stuck, Stuck!!!"

Us today

Maia by the pool today... Bets on how long it takes for her to fall in!!!

They have these great wee choc icecreams over here.. enfant size!!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Bike Seat

Dad surprised me on the weekend and came home with a bike seat and helmet for me!!!!

Taking in some fluids before the race.....

Good to Go...

Good one... I can't see where we are going!!!!!