Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day with Appoline

My wee buddy Appoline came over and we had a HUGE time....

Heaps of trampoline fun....

More pool dives....

& I even let her into the sandpit!!!

New Game

Mum just brought this new game for me and we have only played it once. Today I got it down all by myself and matched it all up.. As you can see I was very proud of myself.. (It's only matching colours and shapes but hey.. I am only 3!!)

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Swimming Part 1

I am now sooooooo confident in the water (well our pool anyway, take me to one that us under 28 degrees and i don't want to get in!!)

Check out my dive!!

Swimming back to the step

Still swimming back to the step

Ready to go again!!!
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

July Fun

New PJ's from Nan... Big 'thumbs up!!'

Dress up's!!!!

I am LOVING the polly pockets that Mum picked up at a second hand place... Hours of entertainment!!
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Last Friday one of the ladies from Playgroup organised a wee get together at this play area... It was perfect for kids and we had heaps of fun...

Playing down at the water.. (I am the one in the wet suit!!)

View of area

Our Picnic

This girl loved coming up to us and saying "Do you speak English!!!"
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach #1

Last sunday was 'beach day'... We woke to stink weather, but decided to go anyway. We found this one first and noone was there, but it was a bit manky (smoke butts and the water was a bit gross).. so I just played for a bit and we moved on....

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Beach #2

We then found this better beach!!!....

The cafe had maori carvings around it!!

Dad and I..... I got in, but since it wasn't the 30+ degrees I am used to at home I wasn't that keen...

Nutter shot..

This was fun.....
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On Saturday we took a road trip. First to Sault (about 1.5hrs away). it's a village build on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the same name. It's a very important stop on the "Lavender Routes". We were a bit early for it to be in FULL bloom, but it was still stunning.

Mum and I just before you arrive in Sault

Doing my Lion dance in the square...

The Nesque Gorges....
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Fontaine de Vaucluse

after Sault, we went onto Fontaine de Vaucluse which is a small village about an hr from us. It's the worlds 5th most powerful spring, and France's most powerful.

Peeking through a wheel..

Off running towards the wheel...

I was all keen to get in until I realised just how cold it was!!!
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I had a great afternoon at the Saint Cannat park... with Emily, Lottie, Bella and Will.... Here I am sitting closest to Tab (she had the food!!)

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Music and Fireworks in Lambesc

Last night we went to a friends for a BBQ and then into a music/fireworks display in lambesc (5mins from our house). I didn't end up getting to sleep until 1130pm and have been a bit pooped all day!!

Dad and I...

The music was played by this guy who came 5th in the French equivalent of American Idol

Looking a bit tired...

The Fireworks was just amazing!!!!, but I got a bit 'peur' at one stage!!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer fun!!!

New togs!!!

I love just hanging onto the ball..

all this swimming wears me out!!!

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