Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Feb Antics!!!

Cuddled up with Will...
Dad went wayyyyyy to fast on my tabbogan and I fell off :-( (Action shot of the year!!!)

Eating the card from my friend Dom!!!

Down at the park in Aix

I am really into pulling funny faces...


We meet one set of our neighbours who have a Weimaraner called Bella... we are going to be looking after her for a week soon so she came around to our house for a couple of hours as a test. I LOVEEEEEEED HER!!!! She is just like Mum & Dads old dogs Gage & Saxon (but they left home when I was only 4 weeks old so dont' really remember them). Bella whacked me in the head a couple of times... but apart from that she was cool!!!
I fed Bella
I read to Bella

I lay down like Bella

& I sat on Bella!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

February Adventures

Mum brought me a Charlie & Lola DVD as my friend Elisabeth loves it and Mum thought I would too.. and she was right!!!!

Sitting on the lighthouse in Cassis

Me & Mum

Again.... Me & Mum .. The edge just dropped off into the sea so Mum had to hold my hand or else I would have been off!!!!!

Me & Mum again!!!!!!

Contemplating what to do....

Sandy wanted me to run to her...but I think she just wanted to steal my Dolly so I wasn't sure!!!!

Great view... I wonder how long it would take me to swim back to NZ to see all my friends??

They let me loose....

Dad gave me a ride in Cassis... My little face isn't usually this chubby, must be a bad shot!!

Will's Mum and Dad came around for tea one night and Will pushed me in my stroller...

Then it was his turn.
I am starting to have fun here now, Mum takes me to a place called Little Gym once a week and I get a good workout... but they all speak French to me so it takes me a bit longer to understand what they are saying, but as soon as I get into a creche hopefully i will pick it up a bit better.
I am in a pretty good routine over here too.. I have one sleep a day and sometimes sleep for 3+ hours.. Mum loves it as it gives her heaps of time to study etc...
I miss all my buddies though :-(