Monday, January 19, 2009

More Snow

Dad decided to head out on his bike... NUTTER!!!

Me and Dad

Dad making snow angels..
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Provence Snow

This is what we woke up to on Wednesday the 7th Jan... Locals said that it was last like this in the 80's sometime. Very cool (for the first 2 days, then the novelty wore off!!) 
Here is our wee village

Wendy House

Me and Mum... 

Our front yard. 
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New Years Eve in Aix.... Here I am in Will's bed watching TV!!


Mum and Tab in conversation

Emily and I as Bumblebees!!!
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Back in Milan

We flew back to Milan on the 27th and drove home. It was a quick one hour stop over to see Jackson and Alec and then we hit the road. 

Check out the snow they got at their place for Christmas

I missed you Jackson

Me and Jackson.. (Alec was being a nutter beside us)
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Xmas Morning Part 2

Nice warm gloves!!

Being cheeky at Trevi Fountain on Xmas Morning

Family shot at Trevi

Merry Chrismas..... from the Spanish Steps
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Xmas morning Part 1

Xmas morning was heaps of fun... Thank god Santa knew I was going to Rome and delivered me some pressies

Digging into my sock. 

Necklaces and braclets!!!

Snow White....

Fairy Dress!!!!
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Xmas in Rome Part 12

Lunch of Strawberries and Chips!!!


Dad.. you found us!!!!!!

Cool fountain

These 'flower sellers' were just a joke. They prayed on people and literally stuffed the rose in your hand and then waited a few seconds and then demanded money... These people were arguing with the guy saying that he gave it to them!!! It was very funny to watch. The amount of people who just drop the flower after the guy demands his money is HUGE.... as he doesn't want to take it back from you once you have it.. 
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Xmas in Rome Part 11

Back to the Vatican one morning.. 
Here I am chasing the birds with another wee boy

Just about got it.. 

Stink the Pope wasn't out on his seat!!

Dad and Me on one of the bridges leading over to the Trastevere
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Xmas in Rome part 10

Here at Piazza Navona we got Maia's name written out in Chinnese. He only charged  1 euro but I think we gave him 4 or 5.. check out what the poor bugger was sitting on!!!


Loving the merry-go-round
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Xmas in Rome Part 9

Roman Forum day... 

Here I am picking flowers in the garden

Roman Forum

Check out their swimming pools.. If you look closely you can see the steps on the top right of the main one. 

Nearing the end... We had had a disaster as Maia ALWAYS had to take a wee handbag with her on our days out and she lost it here... and this was the day she had put HEAPS of her favourite things inside it... but thank god some nice person handed it in at the exit.. I have never seen her so happy!!!
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Xmas in Rome Part 8

Family pic outside the Colosseum on the way to the Roman Forum



Being a statue
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