Monday, May 26, 2008

Sssshhhh... Don't tell her......

I have finally found a way to be taller than Sofia.....

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Share a trolley.......

nah.. we are both not to happy with this one.....

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I just LOVED the time I spent with Sofia and Milla..... wish we were closer!!!

"Sofia.. you are sooooooo embarrassing!!!!"

Bath time..

Grogeous Milla and her Mum...

All of us!!!
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Alexandra #2

Off on our way to the cafe over the "Shakey Bridge"

Only mode of transport in Alexandra...

Aunty Tara with Mum and Milla's eyes!!!

Just the BEST party dress EVER!!!!
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Alexandra #3

Silly faces with Sofia...

Sweet.. Kiss and make up!!!

3 Amigo's... Sofia, Milla and Me...

Sad Goodbye's!!!
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NZ - Southland

With my buddy Trae. I met up with him and his Mum Paula and 2 sisters Kyla and Kate...

With Kyla...

Quoi???.. C'est moi!!!!!

At the grave site of my Great-Great Grandmother Isabella Dey and her son Carl.
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NZ - Southland Fun

Helping Mum blow out her candles on her birthday..

Here I am on the flight over.. I was really good for Mum (different story when we all flew back - That was a disaster!!)

First night we arrived..> I was just so knackered that I fell asleep in the chair..

Southland Trucker...
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NZ - Nan & Pops

Telling Nan the ways of the world...

Pop's reading Dr Suess to me..

I had a great time making Nan march around the house pretending to blow a trumpet!!! Just like Maisy does....

After watching Pop's in the morning, I decided it was time to see if I could read better wearing his glasses.....
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NZ - Nan & Pops #2

Nan showing me how to throw stones into the river

come on pop's.. DRY ME!!!

With Nan and Pop's

We watched as Pops went up in a glider.....
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NZ - Great grandparents

We had 3 or 4 trips to see my Great-Grandad and Grandma.... Grandad let me sit on his lawnmower (tractor!!) and I had a ball..

Who would believe there is about 90 years between us!!!!

4 generations

Family pic...

Here I am standing by the grave of my Great-Great-Great Grandad Edward Waters. (My Great-Grandad's Mother's Father)
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NZ -- Wellington

Dad left Invercargil a few days before us to come up to Wellington for work, when we followed we all went out and stayed with Ed, Chris, Archie and Samuel... and had a GREAT time!!!

Wellington waterfront

I had a cool catch up with my Welly buddies... (too many to name!!)

Me, Arch and Molly (smiles brought on by the promise of chocolate!!!)

Me and Arch just before I left....
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NZ - Auckland

In Auckland we stayed with the lovely Haines family....and had a quick day of catching up with people...

Here I am meeting Kaemon for the first time... He was soooooo cute

We also had a BIG catch up with some other buddies... (too many to get them all in a photo)
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