Friday, September 21, 2007

Mes Amies

Here I am (not looking happy as it was past bedtime) with my neighbourhood buddies Hugo et Marie. They came down and brought me a pressie on my birthday so Dad took a pic. I wish I had smiled now, but I wasn't too sure when Hugo put his arm around me... I am a bit young for that carry on!!!

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Where's Maia!!!

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New Toy

Mum brought me a race track.. I love it!!!

Got a bit tired though and needed a rest in my Dolly's buggy!!

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Mum finally got my year pass for the Zoo that is just by our house.. it's only taken her a year!!!!

Wish i could have got closer to the Elephants
Riding the bunny
This contraption at the park was cool!!!
Lucky there wasn't a gust of wind or else I might have blown off the edge. This is me in front of Chateau de la Barben.. a cool castle you can see from the zoo.
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More Zoo

Depeche-Toi Mum!!!!
I loved the Nanny goats
'Hanging out' with the Lions
I spent ages standing and watching the 'Raffs'. I didn't want to leave
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Birthday Painting Part 1

All started off well.....

Still going well.......
Adding a bit of blue....
Now white....... and THEN......................
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Birthday Painting Part 2

And it ended like this.....

You had better run........
O.K.. Clean up time... (Sorry Aunty Kylie... but I am sure the paint will come off my t-shirt!!!)
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My new umbrella
Family pic
Me & Dad
Stop it.. I am in a dress!!!
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In my new digs

My doggie bag is cool Aunty M
I wore this dress all day!! did you choose it Grandad? (of course not.... It must have been Annmarie!!!)
More pressies!! Once they were all gone I was confused and kept saying.. "Another present"..
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J'ai 2 ans!!!
First picture this morning
Opening pressies in bed avec maman et papa

Love the gloves (or hands as I call them) Nana J
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

More fun in Cassis

Cassis is great.. we go there alot
With Torin.. I thought he was the bee's knees!!
With Aunty Bronnie... she is the bee's knees too!!
Dad and Torin avec moi!!
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More fun

Down at Etang de Borde
Showing you my puku!!
With mum's mate Bryce.. He was in France for the RWC
How cool am I in my new Dora togs!!!
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