Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maia Time

Trying to look all Innocent!!!


At Les Baux

Peeking through a rock

Arch peeking through a rock.

Climbing up Daddy

My last time with Tess :-(

Mum & Dad looked after Will for a weekend.. Here we are playing in the wee pool

Me & Dad

Will & I riding Bella like a horsey!!!

Will & I having some ruff & tumble!!

Trying to escape 'Prison Johnson'

Rest time avec Bella

Dancing in Aix last Friday night... The saxophone player was good.

My new car!!!

My time with Archie

FINALLY!!! Mum is putting up some pics of when Arch and his Mum & dad came for a visit!!

Happy Family at Les Baux de Provence

Getting used to each other on the first day

Eating nicely

Playing nicely!!

Taste good??

"Hold on Arch.. someone will be there soon!!! "

It's OK Chris, Arch is just taking me for a spin!!

"Sorry Chris, what did you just say?, Oh, that this is what TWINS would be like!!"

Archie's femine side!!

Having a BALL in the BALL pit





Family pic

Pool time

"Ummm.. You first!!"

More play fun


Anyone there??

Archie you are sooooo cheeky!!!

Even I haven't done this yet!!

Dad took Archie for a ride in my bike seat.. (with my shoes on!!)

Ummmmm.... Archie's mum and dad left him with us for a day so Mum did his hair like mine!!! I think he liked it!!

On one of the last nights

Racing off to the pool on the last day

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Nursery Rhyme.. Open shut them

Archie vs his yog!!!!

Here is Archie having a laughing fit while trying to eat his yoghurt!!!

Maia and Archie

This video is sooooooo funny.. it's long, but you have to watch it right till the end!!!

Frére Jacques

We sing Frére Jacques at Little Gym every now and then... Maia is a pro at it now!!!

More Hairy McLarey!!!

More Hairy!!!! This girl won't shut up!!!


Check out the counting!!!! Hahaha (She can actually do up to 16 when she wants to!!)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hairy Maclary

Maia loves hairy Maclary and one day just started saying it herself!!! Incase you can't understand her it's "Hercules Morse - As Big as a Horse"

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Actions

Maia just loves songs and actions etc.. This is one of her fav's. (Please ignore the sound of my voice!!!!) (Don't have your volume up too loud!!!!) - Click on the above link