Monday, June 18, 2007

No Mates....

Swing Mummy???

Maia No mates!!!!!

Me & Tess

Here is the latest pic of me and my buddy Tess, she heads back to New York in a couple of weeks so that sucks!!!! She is a few days older than me and we get on really well..


Will and I decided to do some gardening...

but I got sick of it so I pushed the bucket over...

yah, noone has seen me!!!

Fetch Will Fetch!!!!!

Here is Benjamin, Will, Me & Chelsea...

Eating Icecreams... We didn't even have to be told to sit like this.. we just did!!!

Dinner time.

Water Fun

Dad.. it's cold!!!


Love her little hand reaction in this one.

It was Maia's job to water the new trees....

Going well.......

Mmmmm a bit off track......

Aftermath of turning the hose around on herself!!!! hahhaaaaaaaaaa

At home in July

Still loving my sandpit

' Nigh, Nigh's sleepies'

Go the AB's!!!

I am more patient with my Leapfrog pad now too... pages don't get ripped nearly as much as they used to.

2 of our trees died so they had to be cut down... I thought it was a rocking horse and kept going "Neigh, neigh"

Tree fun

Mum, you need to get me a bigger car....

Ah.. Yip, I can't fit in here either!!!

Watching Playschool with my Narnie!!!

mmmmm is he going to share??

Muching on a chicken leg

Sausage in Baguette... Normal BBQ food!!!

Licking the spatula!!!
Maia is really into songs at the moment and knows sooooooooo many nursery rhymes... she is cracking us up with all the actions etc she has learnt. There isn't enough room on here to name all the ones she "tries" to sing. It's really really cute. She gets every 2nd or 3rd word and has the tune right. I think she is secretly preparing to show off to Archie when he arrrives in a week.

Pool Fun

I have soooo much fun in the pool now.. Just love it and I can kick to Daddy and spin around and follow him.. it's GREAT!!!

What do you mean wait!!

ENUF of the pics... put me innnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Past the clothes horse...

along the grass.......

down the steps.....

and IN!!!!

Check me out!! Go my Barbie floaties!!

Hey, I am swimming!!!

Round and Round... BUT...

Fun stops after a mouthful of water!!!


I hate getting my hair done in the morning!!! so it's tanty time!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Humpty Dumpty

Maia loves Humpty Dumpty!!!! Check out the Vid..